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Welcome to Asset Savings Asia

Euro crisis?

Investing in Real Estate in Asia

In 2011 we found that investing in so called first world countries in the Euro zone might not be as safe as we thought. The Euro has dropped significantly in value against several Asian currencies and also the US dollar does not seem as stable as it used to be. And especially investors in real estate may even be in danger as e.g. in The Netherlands the real estate market has been and still is in a very bad shape.

Safe real estate investment

Option Asia

With their roots in Europe, Asset Savings Asia decided to create a better option for investing than investing in Euro (or US dollar): investing in Asian currencies.

Safe heaven

With all the turmoil around the Euro and the US dollar we think Asia can be a safe heaven for investors who want to invest in real estate. Asia has not been affected so much by the housing crises and also many Asian currencies have shown to be very strong for the last few years.

Safe real estate

Our real estate options focus on the safer side of real estate: real estate for the lower and middle class that can easily be rented out. See for samples our page samples of safe real estate.